The Cornerstone Motel is one of Cape Breton's "best kept secrets". It is located along side the picturesque and serene Chéticamp River, on the world famous Cabot Trail.

First established in 1958, this 17 unit Motel has so much to offer its guests - from its location directly beside the Cape Bretons Highlands National Park to its "rider friendly" atmosphere and added room amenities for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Cornerstone Motel is situated just five minutes north of the town of Chéticamp and boasts a ten acre property with walking paths for nature lovers and larger areas, either inside the motel or around the fire pit at night, where group gatherings can occur.

After a long day of traveling, you need a place to stay where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. The hand picked staff at the Cornerstone care about making this happen and truly want to make this one of your most relaxing and memorable stays along your journey.

As your hosts at the Cornerstone, Cathy and Greg are always looking for new ways to make your stay a more pleasant one. Please don't hesitate to suggest ways we can make your stay a more memorable.

The original property was originally established in 1958 by the Chiasson family, under the Parkview name. In 2014, it became the Cornerstone Motel and Cookhouse and is now owned and operated by the Larocque family.

The new owners of the property, Cathy and Greg, are fully committed to making your stay at the Cornerstone as pleasant as possible and are always around to meet and chat. At the Cornerstone, we realize that our guests make the difference and we will continually strive to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome.

If at any time, a guest's expectations are not being met, we encourage you to let one of our staff members know so that we may quickly correct the situation. In order to make sure that our guests are heard, one of the owners is always on the property to make sure your stay is nothing short of exceptional.

Our philosophy is simple: listen, hear and do! Listen to our guests, hear what they are saying and do whatever we can to help make their stay exceptional. As a part of our policy, all of our staff at the Cornerstone are empowered to make decisions in their area of expertise, in order to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction. Should a staff member not be able to provide answers to your concerns, rest assured that they will then seek a staff member who can and we will respond promptly.

Your experience at the Cornerstone Motel is paramount to us. We appreciate your patronage and thank you for choosing us as your "home away from home" on the Cabot Trail.

Our pledge to you is that our rooms will always be clean, comfortable and welcoming, just as you would expect. Our staff will go out of their way to ensure this happens.

Our commitment is to you, and whatever your needs may be. We will always strive to do everything in our power to accommodate your requests in order to make your stay as enjoyable as we possibly can.

Our guest policy is simple: when our guests speak, we listen. It can't get much simpler than that!

When your stay with us has ended, we want you to tell your friends about your amazing experience at the Cornerstone. If something doesn't meet your expectation, tell us immediately so that we can make it right… then you can tell your friends!